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Radiology The Oral Boards Primer (2008) (PDF) Amit Mehta

  Basic Information: Year: 2008 Page Number: 399 File Type: PDF File Size: 7.98 MB Authors/ Editiors: Amit Mehta Description: A concise and comprehensive review of findings and differential diagnoses found on the oral board examination for diagnostic radiology. Drawing on pertinent and key differential diagnoses, the authors have assembled and organized the diagnoses most likely to appear on the exam and illustrated them with essential images to reinforce the findings associated with each differential. Additionally, with each finding set is provided a mnemonic to augment recall of any missing components of...

Radiology Review Manual 8th Edition (2017) (PDF) Wolfgang F. Dahnert

  Basic Information: Year: 2017 Page Number: 1552 File Type: PDF File Size: 37.09 MB Authors/ Editiors: Wolfgang F. Dahnert Description: For more than 25 years, Dr. Dähnert's Radiology Review Manual has earned its reputation as the green "bible” for board exam preparation, in teaching situations, and in the daily practice of radiology. A logical organization, extensive lists of image findings and differential diagnoses, an accessible outline format, and a thorough index have made this reference the #1 choice for success on the written boards. The Eighth Edition has been completely updated...

Radiology of Parasitic Diseases: A Practical Approach (2017) (PDF) Hongjun Li

  Basic Information: Year: 2017 Page Number: 243 File Type: PDF File Size: 25.40 MB Authors/ Editiors: Hongjun Li Description: This book primarily summarizes the imaging characteristics and theory of parasitic disease, offering a clinical guide and practical approach to understanding, preventing and diagnosing parasitic disease. Through imaging diagnosis and cross-research of imaging with autopsy and pathology, it highlights the chief characteristics and evolution of imaging, which provides primary scientific data for the understanding and research of parasitic disease. Divided into 9 chapters, this volume is fully illustrated with DR, CT and...

Radiology of Influenza: A Practical Approach (2016) (PDF) Hongjun Li

  Basic Information: Year: 2016 Page Number: 119 File Type: PDF File Size: 13.27 MB Authors/ Editiors: Hongjun Li Description: This book presents the theory of influenza and its imaging characteristics. The first section introduces readers to the fundamental theory of influenza, including the etiology, epidemiology and pathogenesis of influenza, influenza-related diseases, and imaging technologies. The second section is divided into 5 chapters and includes extensive DR, CT and MRI images on H1N1 influenza, H5N1, H7N9, H5N6 and H10N8 avian influenza.​ Editor Hongjun Li, is a Professor and Director of the Diagnostic Radiology...

Radiology for PET/CT Reporting (2014) (PDF) Cristina Nanni

  Basic Information: Year: 2014 Page Number: 149 File Type: PDF File Size: 18.86 MB Authors/ Editiors: Cristina Nanni Description: Reading PET/CT scans is sometimes challenging. Not infrequently, abnormal findings on CT images are functionally silent and therefore difficult for nuclear medicine practitioners to interpret. Furthermore, in general only a low-dose CT scan is produced as part of the combined PET/CT study, and the resulting CT images may prove suboptimal for image interpretation. This atlas is designed to enable nuclear medicine practitioners who routinely read PET/CT scans to recognize the most common...

Radiology for Medical Finals: A case-Based guide (2018) (PDF) Edward Sellon

  Basic Information: Year: 2018 Page Number: 584 File Type: PDF File Size: 28.33 MB Authors/ Editiors: Edward Sellon Description: This book is an informed, educational and abundantly illustrated guide to the imaging knowledge that medical students in the clinical years of their undergraduate studies will be required to get to know, understand and recall in order to negotiate successfully their finals exams. Via the popular and instructive case-based format, readers are guided through 100 cases chosen specifically to reflect what the authors consider is necessary knowledge for finals, and imaging modalities...

Radiology Case Review Series: Thoracic Imaging (2016) (PDF) Amr M. Ajlan

  Basic Information: Year: 2016 Page Number: 544 File Type: PDF File Size: 38.82 MB Authors/ Editiors: Amr M. Ajlan Description: Part of the acclaimed McGraw-Hill’s Radiology Case Review Series, this unique resource challenges you to look at a group of images, determine the diagnosis, answer related questions, and gauge your knowledge by reviewing the answer. It all adds up to the best review of thoracic imaging available―one that’s ideal for certification or recertification, or as an incomparable clinical refresher. Distinguished by an effective 2-page design and a full-color presentation, each book in...

Radiology and Follow-up of Urologic Surgery (2018) (PDF) Christopher R. J. Woodhouse

  Basic Information: Year: 2018 Page Number: 240 File Type: PDF File Size: 11.63 MB Authors/ Editiors: Christopher R. J. Woodhouse Description: The first guide to identifying and assessing changes following urologic surgery—with follow-up protocols What is the normal appearance of a kidney after radio frequency ablation of a tumor and what does a local recurrence look like? How does the urine flow down the ureters after a trans-uretero-ureterostomy? What is the normal appearance of the urinary tract after a cystoplasty? Most clinicians would be hard-pressed to provide answers to such fundamental questions...

Radiology (Specialty Board Review) (2009) (PDF) Cheri L. Canon

  Basic Information: Year: 2009 Page Number: 944 File Type: PDF File Size: 6.91 MB Authors/ Editiors: Cheri L. Canon Description: McGraw-Hill Specialty Board Review: Radiology is an outstanding review for both residents-in-training and practicing radiologists. You’ll find everything you need in this one comprehensive resource . . . questions, answers, detailed explanations, and targeted coverage that emphasizes key material in a simple, straightforward manner and reinforces important concepts. User's Review: I bought this obviously for board preparation for the first exam of the future. This book is 90% text which is an interesting...

Radiographic Pathology for Technologists 6th Edition (2014) (PDF) Nina Kowalczyk

  Basic Information: Year: 2014 Page Number: 472 File Type: PDF File Size: 61.73 MB Authors/ Editiors: Nina Kowalczyk Description: Radiographic Pathology for Technologists, 6th Edition concisely covers the injuries and abnormalities most frequently diagnosed using medical imaging to prepare you for what you are most likely to encounter on the job. This essential text also features background discussions of key anatomy and physiology principles, along with imaging considerations for each disease categorized by type followed by a description of its radiographic appearance, signs and symptoms, and treatment. User's Review: At the end of...