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Evidence-based Gastroenterology and Hepatology (Evidence-Based Medicine) 4th Edition (2019) (PDF) by John W. D. McDonald

The revised fourth edition of Evidence-Based Gastroenterology and Hepatology continues to provide the most current, evidence-based information for determining the appropriate medical and surgical options for screening for, diagnosing, and treating gastrointestinal conditions. With contributions from an international team of leading experts in the field, the 4th edition includes practical recommendations for the care of individual patients based on the latest scientific evidence.

Evidence-based Obstetrics and Gynecology (Evidence-Based Medicine) 1st Edition (2019) (PDF) by Errol R. Norwitz

Aimed at practicing obstetricians, gynecologists, and trainees in the specialty, Evidence-based Obstetrics and Gynecology concentrates on the clinical practice areas of diagnosis, investigation and management. The first section of the book discusses evidence-based medicine methodology in the context of the two specialties. The second and third sections cover all the major conditions in obstetrics and gynecology, with each chapter reviewing the best available evidence for management of the particular condition. The chapters are structured in line with EBM methodology, meaning the cases generate the relevant clinical questions.

Evidence-Based Therapy in Vascular Surgery (2017) (PDF) Debus, E. Sebastian, Grundmann, Reinhart T.

  Basic Information: Year: 2017 Page Number: 285 File Type: PDF File Size: 2.74 MB Authors/ Editiors: Debus, E. Sebastian, Grundmann, Reinhart T. Description: This book is an introduction to quality initiative for vascular surgery and medicine. Originally published in German, the book is written by leading experts who utilise their professional expertise and insight to help raise the level of patient safety, quality of care, and training of junior vascular physicians. This books aims to bring together the best available current treatment and information, including recent guidelines, meta-analyses, and randomised trials to...

Evidence-Based Physical Diagnosis 4th Edition (2017) (PDF) Steven McGee

  Basic Information: Year: 2017 Page Number: 736 File Type: PDF File Size: 8.84 MB Authors/ Editiors: Steven McGee Description: Fully updated from cover to cover, incorporating over 200 new studies on the evidence-based approach to diagnosis, the 4th Edition of Evidence-Based Physical Diagnosis remains your go-to resource for guidance on interpreting physical signs, enabling you to determine the most appropriate physical finding to confirm a diagnosis. Internationally renowned author Dr. Steven McGee puts the most current evidence at your fingertips, allowing you to quickly compare all physical signs for a given...

Evidence-Based Interventional Pain Practice: According to Clinical Diagnoses (2011) (PDF) Jan Van Zundert

  Basic Information: Year: 2011 Page Number: 236 File Type: PDF File Size: 10.27 MB Authors/ Editiors: Jan Van Zundert Description: Chronic pain has been subject to multiple internationalinitiatives through the World Health Organization. InterventionalPain Medicine, use of minimally invasive techniques to relievepain, is the best approach when simpler measures such as physicaltherapy or medications fail. However, these procedures can beassociated with significant risk and expense. Establishinguniformity in diagnostic criteria and procedural performance canreduce both morbidity and unnecessary procedures, and hencehealthcare expenditures. While other texts explain how to perform these procedures,little focus has...

Evidence-Based Critical Care, 3rd Edition (2015) (PDF) Marik, Paul Ellis

  Basic Information: Year: 2015 Page Number: 835 File Type: PDF File Size: 8.54 MB Authors/ Editiors: Marik, Paul Ellis Description: This is the premier evidence-based textbook in critical care medicine. The Third Edition features updated and revised chapters, numerous new references, streamlined content, and new chapters on key topics such as the new paradigm in critical care medicine, cardiac output monitoring, surgical optimization, vital signs, and arterial blood gas analysis. The book maintains the author’s trademark humor and engaging writing style and is suitable for a broad and diverse audience of...

Evidence-Based Cosmetic Breast Surgery (2017) (PDF) Swanson, Eric

  Basic Information: Year: 2017 Page Number: 214 File Type: PDF File Size: 16.50 MB Authors/ Editiors: Swanson, Eric Description: Insisting on an evidence-based approach, Dr. Swanson brings the light of science to bear on the many controversies in cosmetic breast surgery today. Conventional wisdom is challenged with factual analysis, made possible by Dr. Swanson’s large body of published research. In his hallmark detailed style, the author lays the foundation with clinical studies, measurements, and patient-reported outcomes. The work is all here in one place for the first time, leading to some...

Evidence-Based Dermatology 3rd Edition (2014) (PDF) Hywel Williams

  Basic Information: Year: 2014 Page Number: 680 File Type: PDF File Size: 22.88 MB Authors/ Editiors: Hywel Williams Description: Evidence-based Dermatology, Third Edition takes a unique approach to clinical dermatology by emphasising use of only the highest quality available evidence when treating people with skin diseases. Beginning with a toolbox introduction to the practice of evidence-based dermatology, it then covers the application of evidence for dermatological treatments across a wide range of ailments, including: World-leading experts in dermatology follow a clinical approach for each disease, and as well as providing their expert guidance...

Evidence-Based Bunion Surgery: A Critical Examination of Current and Emerging Concepts and Techniques (2018) (PDF) Paul D. Dayton

  Basic Information: Year: 2018 Page Number: 252 File Type: PDF File Size: 13.11 MB Authors/ Editiors: Paul D. Dayton Description: This unique book provides a critical examination of the current traditions and techniques commonly taught regarding hallux valgus correction and contrasts them with new, evidence-based anatomic and surgical concepts that change the entire approach to bunion surgery. Beginning with the history, etiology and epidemiology of the deformity, its clinical implications and physical and radiological assessment are then discussed. An overview of surgical correction strategies is then presented, followed by detailed chapters...

Evidence-Based Practice of Critical Care, 2nd Edition (2016) (PDF) Clifford S. Deutschman MS MD FCCM

  Basic Information: Year: 2016 Page Number: 688 File Type: PDF File Size: 10.15 MB Authors/ Editiors: Clifford S. Deutschman MS MD FCCM Description: Evidence-Based Practice of Critical Care, 2nd Edition, presents objective data and expert guidance on managing critically ill patients in unique question-based chapters that focus on best practices. Now thoroughly updated by Drs. Clifford S. Deutschman, Patrick J. Neligan, and nearly 200 critical-care experts, this highly regarded title remains the only book of its kind that provides a comprehensive framework for translating evidence into practice, making it a valuable...