[PDF] Evidence-Based Critical Care, 3rd Edition (2015) by Marik, Paul Ellis



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  • Published: 2015
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  • Format: PDF
  • File Size: 8.54 MB
  • Authors: Marik, Paul Ellis


This is the premier evidence-based textbook in critical care medicine. The Third Edition features updated and revised chapters, numerous new references, streamlined content, and new chapters on key topics such as the new paradigm in critical care medicine, cardiac output monitoring, surgical optimization, vital signs, and arterial blood gas analysis. The book maintains the author’s trademark humor and engaging writing style and is suitable for a broad and diverse audience of medical students, residents, fellows, physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists who seek the latest and best evidence in critical care.


“This is an excellent introduction to the concept of evidence-based medicine…The writing is clear, logical, and highly organized, which makes for fast and enjoyable reading. I believe this book will get daily use in most intensive care units, by a wide range of readers.” –Respiratory Care

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